*narrows eyes suspiciously but only in my head*

*narrows eyes suspiciously but only in my head*

i love junpei but hes.

rlly boring

baby: A-a
mom: Apple? Say apple.
baby: *jumps*



and now i am Anxious because there is Stuff that needs to be Done but i cant 

wow ok my mood just dropped a million percent

tanaka-gundam said: ACCURATE

ye B)


if i see one more of those posts that’s like “hold my fucking hand you stupid idiot bitch” with like 200,000 notes i’m deleting this website. that shit isn’t cute or romantic and if anyone spoke to me that way in real life i would punch them in the throat and drive myself home in their car. have higher standards please


i never want them to fix the animation in dmmd i want its entirety to be animated like episode 3 i want it to be the sonic 06 of yaoi anime

Ӝ gundam!

I DONT REALLY KNOW GUNDAM ALL THAT WELL but probably ace and hm. grey romantic?

in  terms of gender i dont think he thinks about it that much, hes occupied with other things but if pressured hed describe it as 

  • unholy spawn of darkness and fear
  • dreaded by all who encounter me (based on this post)

or masc-neutrois